My bulletin board is home to stickers and patches I've picked up here and there. Above it, the painting of the North Cascades is by my daughter, The Artist.

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  1. Looking over your bulletin board here – I am pretty sure I saw the back of your car in the Third Place Books parking lot last night! Is your car’s back-end covered with stickers? I almost took a photo of it so I could look at them at my leisure. Now I’m going to have to visit the Murie Center so I can get THAT sticker! Awesome! One of my all-time favorite books is Wapiti Wilderness by the Muries. Dan

  2. Yep, that was me. The Murie Center is now run by Teton Science School, but it was an amazing place to visit. I love “Wapiti Wilderness” and also “Two in the Far North.” And I just bumped into Mardy Murie (figuratively, at least) reading Susan Marsh’s wonderful memoir of her career in the Forest Service, called “A Hunger for High Places.” It’s really good.

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