On the trail to Lena Lake.
Trip reports

Lena Lake

A stretch of cold, sunny weather practically demands a good hike, and Lena Lake fits the bill. First, though, an otherworldly drive through sea smoke and past eagle sentinels.

Wildflower park on Naches Peak
Trip reports

Naches Peak Loop

“We’re going camping this weekend. I don’t know where, but I’ll figure it out and let you know.” That was the ultimatum I texted to Mr. Adventure on Friday morning. After what seemed like several weeks of deadlines and driving and pickups and drop-offs and more driving and more deadlines, I was overcome by a powerful urge to just get the hell outside. Preferably on a high trail, and preferably somewhere I could sleep under the stars. And — I can’t believe I’m writing this, but it’s true — I hadn’t been to Mount Rainier, my go-to park, my happy…

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